A Steamy Regency Romance

One naughty little meeting can't hurt…

Lady Martha Worter will never forgive her late husband for scarring her soul beyond repair. Now determined to get her lost life back and experience desire, provoking her handsome but proper neighbor becomes her favorite pastime.

Living a predesigned life, James Williams, the Earl of Barristen, thought he could control everything, but for three exceptions: his wife’s death, his seductive neighbor’s games, and the profound enjoyment her mischief brings him.

Tempted to become more than just friends through their illicit agreement, their fear of commitment is not the only thing knocking on their door. For an awfully familiar figure would rather see them both broken than happy together.

*If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then The Baroness of Sin is the novel for you.

This is Ava's 10th novel, a historical Regency romance standalone novel of 60,000 words (around 300 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.

Pick up "The Baroness of Sin" today to discover Ava's fantastic new story!

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