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    by Ava

    Ava MacAdams in less than 150 words...

    Born and raised in rural Louisiana, Ava’s rebellious nature would always find her riding her horse through vast farmlands or lying under a tree, getting lost in one of her favourite historical romances. Always itching for adventure, she was only nineteen when she decided to embark on her biggest adventure and travel through Europe.

    She studied art and theater in London, where she met several people that filled her with valuable experiences. Taking part in a writing competition upon her professor’s encouragement, she realised that this was what she always wanted to do. Married to that same professor a few years later, she decided to return to her roots to settle down and write about her favourite era.

    Let yourselves be lured into an intense experience of desire and passion, alongside irresistible Lords and seductive Ladies of the Regency Era. Ava’s skilled writing hand will throw you back in time, when tales were told and songs were sung...